Botox for Migraines – How it dramatically changed my quality of life

woman experiencing migraine, candidate for botox treatment

Living with migraines is truly debilitating. Your whole life is planned around your next attack or trying to prevent one. In my case, it has been a more than 20-year plight. I have tried everything-elimination diet, anti-depressants (even though I didn’t need them but my GP was at her wit’s ends on how to treat me), daily preventative medicine, vitamins, pretty heavy-duty knock you out drugs, you name it, I have tried it. I have had episodes that were so bad, I had to literally leave my car on the side of the highway and call a taxi as I was unable to drive. I have missed major life events-birthdays, holidays, vacations. I always tell myself, it could be worse, some people have it worst than I do, however while you are in the middle of an episode, I can guarantee you that probably nothing feels more terrible than a migraine.

Enter my life-changing treatment with Botox Therapeutic. While we know Botox is commonly known as an anti-aging treatment, it has many other functions. It has been proven to decrease the severity and occurrence of migraines in patients. Well, it certainly worked for me. It is strategically administered in the forehead, top of the hairline, temples, head, neck and some cases shoulders. This must be done by a well-trained expert in Botox for migraines and they will determine the best course of treatment for you. I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Hany Demian, a true leader and expert in the treatment of migraines with Botox to take me on as a patient and haven’t looked back. I went from having a migraine or 2 per week, lasting anywhere from 2 to 3 days each (you do the math on that) to being 30 to 70 days migraine free! I also find when I do get a migraine, I am able to control or get rid of it quicker and go on with my daily life.

I have made it part of my mission here at SkinStudioMD not only to promote a beautiful outside but to feel good on the inside. If you or someone you know is suffering from migraines, we can help.

January 18, 2018

Incontinence be Gone! – My DiVa Experience

Woman Suffering from IncontinenceFor over 26 years, I have lived with a secret that was both embarrassing and literally dictated every aspect of my life. I have had bladder issues or incontinence. It started during my 1st pregnancy and subsequent birth of a 10-pound baby. My primary physician assured me that most women dealt with this and that I needed to accept it. Ten years of “accepting it” lead me to have my 1st bladder lift at age 37, which would provide some improvement for approximately 10 years, then I would surely require an additional surgery. At the 13th year mark, after trying a multitude of medications without much success, I had to acknowledge that another surgery was needed. Incontinence garments (although portrayed recently on television as glamourous) were not something I wanted to even entertain. The surgery meant time off work, impeding on my family and social life with 2 active children and many commitments.

I postponed the surgery. Being in the medical cosmetic field, I attend many seminars to keep up to date on technologies and advancements. About 2 years ago, I learned about the DiVa by Sciton- vaginal laser therapy. Could this be what I had been waiting for? Would it put an end to my constant washroom search? Could I finally drink whatever I wanted and not worry? Could I laugh wholeheartedly at something funny? It was so excited when SkinStudioMD brought this system in and I was one of the test model.

Let me tell you about this treatment, it last 3-5 minutes, and is minimally invasive-especially for those of us who are a bit on the shy side, and the beyond impressive results. I saw a dramatic improvement after my first treatment- I got up less frequently during the night and the urgency seemed to have waned.   My second treatment, was an enhancement of the 1st treatment. Waiting to do the third and final treatment- and haven’t looked back. I can honestly say that my bladder issues no longer control my life.

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July 8, 2017

Why we chose DiVa Vaginal Laser Therapy for our practice.

When my business partner approached me to buy equipment for our cosmetic clinic, she was emphatic that we needed the DiVa by Sciton. “Let’s focus on Women’s Health issues and treat not just the outside with injectables and fillers, skincare and lasers but radically change their lives” Now that peaked my interest. How can a Laser be life-changing? Let me preface this by saying that my area of specialty is pain management, however I am surrounded by women daily. When we were doing our due diligence on the Diva, we found that it had a 100% satisfaction rate on RealSelf (actual patient reviews), was almost painless and the treatment was short in duration. Why is that important? Well, any woman who has had any kind of pelvic exam knows that they count the minutes until it’s over. Why have a treatment for 45 minutes when you can have a minimally invasive treatment in 3-5 minutes? That was a huge decision factor for us.

We also found in our research that most women suffer from light to medium incontinence after pregnancy and as they age. Why walk around with pads, looking for a washroom or being afraid to laugh? No one needs to live like that or accept that it’s a “normal” way of life. As women age, life events such as menopause, hysterectomy and chemotherapy leads to a reduced estrogen production which can cause thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls and lead to painful intercourse.

The DiVa shows rapid improvement in lubrication, laxity and sensation. So yes, a game-changer for many women in the prime of their lives. We recommend a private consultation with our Nurse Cynthia, who is the DiVa expert in our clinic, she will discuss with you if the DiVa is right for you and how many sessions your specific case would need. Soon, you will be jumping for joy that you did this treatment!

May 12, 2017

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